Lvssn Industrial Products Technology (Nanjing) Co., Ltd.

Service Customization: According to customer needs and use environment, we introduce different grades and sequences of picks to provide customers with customized products.

Service Automation: think ahead of the customer's thoughts, and rush ahead with the customer's urgency. Take the initiative to call back and send technical personnel to actively visit and provide technical support!

Service Satisfaction: 7x24 hours service hotline, technicians answering questions, one-on-one online Q&A, to provide you with satisfactory service!

Fast Service: fast delivery, efficient logistics!

Service Scope

● Availability of spare parts.
● Equipment maintenance guidance.
● Equipment fault diagnosis and analysis.
● Troubleshooting solution optimization, on-site guidance.

In addition to traditional maintenance, repair, troubleshooting and spare parts supply, our experts can inspect, review and recommend process optimization and upgrades. Professional services for refurbishing and repairing equipment extend and expand the economic return on asset investment.